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Established since 1974, Shinwa Kogyo has specialized in an injection molding of various plastic products mainly for medical, physical and chemical appliances, and food packaging application.
There are two holders of Advance Grade Certificate in Plastic Molding, a highest grade certificate provided by a governmental association, to assure the product quality.
Through experienced molding technique and skilled use of three-dimensional CAD technology, we provide professional service to customers at each stage of designing and prototyping products, designing and making molds, and support them to get to a commercial production at the best cost-effective performance.
Particularly our remarkable skills in mold flow analysis, which is based on our long-experienced molding technique, should aid customers to develop new products with competitive edge.

Followings are our sample products which received “technological recognition” from Ministry of Econimy, Trade and Industry in 2008.

Production environment: Clean room (Class 10,000)
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Hayato Akimoto
The contact number:+81-48-251-3843

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